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SISTAS Healing Hearts Dolls


These one-of-a-kind dolls are for more than just play. They help promote a positive self-image.



The Healing Hearts  dolls are unique cloth dolls with their own style and personality.  No two dolls are alike. Each of these dolls is 18 inches tall, and is available in three shades: Chocolate brown, caramel or cream. They are each created with an abundance of compassion, patience, tenderness and care, which infuses each doll with healing meditative energy that can bring light, emotional healing, love into your life.


Most of the dolls come with a healing heart shaped stone that will radiate healing to each one who touches it. This doll will help uplift your spirit and remind you of your greatness, resilience, beauty, brilliance and special gifts.

These dolls can be purchased online!

Give the gift of a "healing heart."

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