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Dolled Up


Welcome to SISTAS Dolled UpTM, a transformative workshop designed to guide women through a journey of healing and self-care by creating dolls that reflect their inner selves and aspirations. Regardless of background, participants find a nurturing and inclusive space to belong while crafting dolls that celebrate their beauty and potential. 

First launched in 2009, SISTAS Dolled UpTM offers women a chance to reconnect with their inner child as they create decorative hanging dolls. Similar to playing with paper dolls, this workshop provides new and gently used fabric, buttons, beads, and synthetic or human hair for participants to use in their creations. The process of crafting a doll that embodies their best selves is a powerful way for women to conceptualize their past, present, and future.

More than just a creative activity, SISTAS Dolled UpTM incorporates healing elements into the crafting process. Through mindful creation and guided reflection, participants can explore their personal journey and find peace with their past while embracing the present. The workshop environment encourages open discussions where women can acknowledge their strengths, perseverance, and resilience, fostering a sense of healing and empowerment.

If interested in booking a Dolled Up Workshop. 

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