Empowerment Coach, Creative Healer & Fashion Designer

Shalonda Menefee


SISTAS was started in 2005 and designed to bring Black woman together to build sisterhood, share resources and create a community of support. It also provided consulting services to assist minority women, small businesses and non-profits with capacity building, organizational development, and management.


 Around 2009 SISTAS expanded its vision to include programs, workshops, events, products, and services that inspire young people and women to live up to their full potential and pursue their life's calling,

 despite any personal challenges.


SISTAS vision is to provide workshops, resources, events and supportive services that promote self-care, spiritual healing, and empowerment that inspire individuals to heal and grow using practical, creative techniques that will lead to a positive outcome.


SISTAS is a movement of healing, individual expression, empowerment and unapologetically embracing and honoring who we are inside and out, no matter what. 


SISTAS has partnered with several organizations to facilitate events and workshops within the city of Portland since its inception, SISTAS is currently seeking more opportunities throughout the country.

Shalonda is a gift to us all. 

She’s transparent to everyone she encounters. Her compassion is transmitted in her infectious smile and unmatched style.  She laughs when I say this...but she literally glows in the light

~ Q. Carter

About Shalonda


Shalonda Menefee is an entrepreneur,

creative healer, clothing designer, an initiated Sacred Woman & a community champion.


She has a deep passion for helping others live up to their full potential and has been committed to empowering women and

youth in her community for over 15 years. 


As a result, she has developed programs, curriculum, workshops, services, and products that promote self-care, spiritual healing and empowerment.


Her mission is “Creating an Atmosphere of Healing and Empowerment.”


A native of Northeast Portland, Shalonda holds

three bachelor’s degrees from Portland State University and has served as a board member for numerous city, county and community boards in the Portland area. 

She has worked for various organizations that focus on critical areas of need in our diverse community such as education, housing, economic development, families, and youth.

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