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Photo by Jacobsen Valentine

Since 2005 SISTAS EMPOWERMEnt  organization’s mission statement is to create an atmosphere and environment of healing, empowerment, freedom and liberation primarily for Black/African descent women and girls by providing culturally-relevant, transformative workshops and retreats, engaging events, supportive services, and valuable resources.

We embrace and incorporate the rich tapestry of African culture by promoting self-care and wellness, spiritual rejuvenation, and empowerment, while recognizing and addressing the unique challenges and experiences our community faces.​Our approach is holistic and culturally specific. We focus on practical, creative methods that empower women and girls to take control of their lives and destinies.


SISTAS Empowerment is truly a dynamic movement that advocates for cultural pride, individual expression, healing, and the unapologetic celebration of ones authentic self, thereby fostering unity, strength, and resilience in the broader Black/African Descent community.


We are committed to creating a safe environment where people can embrace the richness of our Black/African heritage by providing culturally-affirming activities and programs. 

SISTAS EMPOWER ME to Embrace all of the Divinity and Power within me!

Photo by Jacobsen Valentine
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