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Will You Help Me Travel To Kemet?


Greetings family and friends,

I need your help to travel to Kemet, February 11-25, 2020. Please help me fulfill one of my life long goals.

Returning to our ancestors is the motive of this journey.
I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Kemet (Ancient Egypt) with Sacred Woman's author and spiritual guide Queen Afua

 and 40 of my Sacred Woman SISTAS.  We will tour the pyramids, temples and other sacred places to learn more about the gateways, while at the physical locations by which our ancestors erected them.

This journey will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sacred Woman’s book and will be included in the Sacred Woman's documentary to capture the essence of ancient African healing rituals performed by Queen Afua at the locations they were created thousands of years ago. Queen Afua’s unique story will be complemented by the woman she has guided over the years. 

Since 2007 Sacred Woman was instrumental in me reconnecting to myself, my heritage and culture, it has been one of the primary

guides I have used on my healing journey and spiritual practice.

 Sacred Woman ignited and affirmed my passion to empower other women to heal.   

I incorporate many elements of Sacred Woman into my workshops, events and services.

 I became a Certified Initiated Sacred Woman in 2017 and became a Sacred Woman Practitioner this year. 

Due to the timing of this trip I am in need of financial support.

I have raised $1000 of the $8,000 that I need to cover the cost of travel and accommodations. 


Your donation and support will help me reach this goal. 

 There are several ways you can support my journey and donate. 

You can donate via:


Cashapp: $SISTASLLC,

PayPal:  Paypal.Me/SISTASPortland

Zelle: Shalonda Menefee

Venmo: @Shalonda-Menefee


Please feel free to share this with your networks.

Thank you so much for your Support!

I will share my journey to Kemet, during the 2020 3rd Annual Visibly Invisible: Honoring Our Unsung Sheroes Celebration. 

Sacred Woman is a healing practice developed by  spiritual guide Queen Afua- who wrote the book Sacred Woman:  A Guide To Healing The Feminine Mind, Body & Spirit.  This book is an in-depth comprehensive manual that teaches women how to heal themselves, their families and their communities.

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