Dolls are known to be one of the oldest known toy, but they can be more than about just play. 

Made with positive energy and intent, they can promote a positive self-image bringing emotional healing, love and peace energy into your life.  
Your doll is designed to support your journey.

SISTAS Dolled Up mission is that your Healing Heart doll will assist empower you with love, compassion, inspiration, healing, and light energy. She will penetrate your heart and remind you that you are special and you are loved during times of emptiness, loneliness, and discouragement. She will help uplift your spirit and remind you of your greatness, resilience, love, beauty, brilliance, talents, and gifts and purpose.  
 She believes that no matter what, you will persevere.

SISTAS Dolled Up: Healing HeArt Doll


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